What people think...


"Coaching has enabled me to take stock and figure out the things that are important in my life. As a result my home life is much improved, I'm more productive at work and I'm so much more relaxed that I was before. The journey through coaching has been tough at times and I've faced down some real demons, but I'm so much stronger for it. Now I feel I can take on just about anything, that's the power of coaching."



Academic Manager, University of Liverpool


Within two years I have taken maternity leave, returned to work, and successfully applied for a new position as a permanent member of staff. Daniel’s coaching has been invaluable in helping me navigate these changes with confidence, and has been a key part of my support network. Daniel has the drive, commitment, and skills to develop his coaching practice into an innovative service bringing enormous tangible benefits for the University and its staff.”



Early Career Research Fellow, University of Liverpool


"Daniel has worked through several coaching sessions with me now and I have so far found it extremely useful; we have worked on my core values, how I work best and to sketch out a plan to make the most out of my current contract. I have been considerably more productive and proactive, not just in my research, but also in laying the groundwork for my future direction. I’ve achieved things in the last few weeks that I considered impossible just last month and would not have done so without Daniel’s coaching."



Postdoctural Research Associate, University of Liverpool

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